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Bay Point Legal Service has been in business since 1997 and was acquired with Sayler Legal by Gemini Legal in December of 2022. Sayler Legal has been providing outstanding legal support services to our California community since 1991. We are licensed in the state of California and are registered process servers in Monterey County. Our experience and certification assure our clients of reliable, fast, and effective service of process.

Bay Point Legal is aware of existing and new regulations governing process servicing to ensure that your papers are served and filed correctly. With Bay Point, you can be certain that the services we offer are being performed in accordance with California State Law.

We are registered process servers in Monterey County that proudly provide process, investigative, and other legal services in the state of California. Our areas of expertise are rush process serving, rush court filings, criminal defense, and research for adoption and estate cases. Contact us to learn our we can best serve you.

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California Service Areas

  • Monterey County
  • Santa Cruz County
  • San Benito County

Process Service

Our staff has over 15 years of experience which aids our effectiveness at serving papers. We follow all state laws to ensure that your papers are served correctly. Our experience has also allowed us to refine our service based on best practices.

Court Filing

We are very familiar with the local court procedures for filing papers. We promptly file any documents you have.


Electronically filing any applicable documents to courts offering or requesting e-file.

County Clerk Research

We run comprehensive searches of the County Clerk's records in order to find the information that our clients need.

Rush Service and Court Filings

When process service or court filings need to be performed in a hurry, we can expedite these processes.

Investigative Services

Confidentiality and discretion are our main practices with private investigation. We obtain all of the information you need through our investigative services.

More Information About Process Serving

The details and requirements surrounding process service can be difficult to understand. Hopefully we can answer your questions about process serving. If you have further queries like costs and timeframes, please contact us.

What is process serving?

Legal procedure in the United States requires all parties in a case to be notified when legal action is being taken against them. We can explain California's laws and rules of civil procedure to help you further understand this process. Individuals are notified of actions against them through legal documents.

Who is able to serve papers?

In the state of California, process servers must either be licensed or registered and bonded. It is best to use a process server to make sure that your papers are delivered correctly and your court filings are documented properly.

What duties does a process server perform?

A process server receives assignments, locates the individual to be served and verifies that they are the correct person that needs to be served. The server will then deliver (or serve) the documents and complete an affidavit of service which is used to prove that the papers have been served.

Electronic Filing

Bay Point Legal offers electronic filing in Monterey County and Santa Cruz County*. Send us all of your documents and we will streamline your e-Filing process by uploading your legal documents to necessary courts and sending you verification of acceptance. Electronic filing is now mandatory in many California courts and can be much more convenient and fast than traditional court filing. Bay Point Legal will file all your documents at one convenient price. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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*San Benito County will continue to have walk-in filings only.

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